Bell Anthology - Pre-1800 History

The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

Important Events in Washington County Before 1800
1769 Land office opened for applications
1771 Bedford county formed
David Hoge bought town of Washington land
1773 Westmoreland County formed from Bedford
First Baptist ministers
1774 Dunmore's War agains the Indians
1775 West Augusta District of Virginia formed, including present Washington County
1776 Yohogania, Monongalia and Ohio Counties formed from W Augusta
Pennsylvania land office closed
1777 Council of War at Catfish Camp (Washington)
Militia organized - oath of allegiance required
1778 First Presbyterian ministers
1779 Virginia issues land certificates
1780 Virginia makes land surveys
1781 Washington County formed from Westmoreland, includes present Washington, Greene and southern Allegheny
Virginia jurisdiction ends
Town of Washington laid out
1782 Last Indian attack at Rice's fort
Registration of slaves required
Petition for new state circulated
First tax list, 2914 taxables
1783 3315 taxables, 2217 houses, 16399 inhabitants (402 black)
1784 Land office reopened
First Methodist ministers
Boundary of southwestern Pennsylvania made permanent
1785 First Society of Friends in county
1787 Washington Academy chartered First courthouse built
1788 Allegheny County formed from Washington
First Lutheran-Reformed Church in county
Registration of slave children required
1789 First Episcopal Church in county
1790 Federal Census (including Greene) - 23866 persons, 3965 heads of families
1791 Second courthouse built
1793 3917 taxables
1794 Canonsburg Academy chartered
Whiskey Insurrection
1795 Markethouse in Washington
First newspaper, Western Telegraph
1796 Greene County formed from Washington
1798 Federal window tax - 3258 houses - 709 over $100

For more information see Boyd Crumrine: History of Washington County 1882

This article was transcribed by Jean Suplick Matuson of Plano, TX in August 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.