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Moses B. Thompson
MOSES B. THOMPSON (deceased was of Irish birth and descent. His grandfather, 
Adam Thompson, was born on a farm four miles form Belfast, Ireland, and devoted 
his life to agricultural pursuits and the manufacture of linen. He was married 
to a Miss McComb, who bore him five children: Adam, Benjamin, James, Moses and 

Robert Thompson, son of Adam, was born on the home place near Belfast, where 
he was married to Elizabeth Wilson, and in 1811 they came to America, the voyage 
occupying six weeks. They landed at Philadelphia, whence they came westward to 
Pittsburgh, Penn., the journey of two weeks being made by wagon. In Pittsburgh 
he was engaged in the coal business, but later he moved to Peters township, 
Washington county, where he erected the first house in Thompsonville. He then 
for a time resided in Noblestown, Allegheny county, from there proceeding to 
Finleyville, this county, and finally opened a store in Library, Allegheny 
county. He died leaving three children: John, married to a Miss Lorimer (had 
two children, Emeline Finley and William, the latter of whom died in 1889); 
Rachel, deceased at the age of thirty-five years, and Moses B. 

Moses B. Thompson was born in 1811, in County Antrim, Ireland, and when an 
infant was brought by his parents to Pittsburgh, Penn. He assisted his father 
in various lines of business, and was also engaged in buying and selling grain. 
In 1850 he came to the farm in Union township, Washington county, and carried on 
an extensive traffic in sugar, making trips to the Southern States, where he 
bought a large quantity, and then sold in Pittsburgh, Penn. In 1875 he was 
married to Eliza Ann, daughter of Samuel M. Wilson, a native of Ireland, who in 
1848 came to America, first landing at Baltimore, Md., thence proceeding to 
Wheeling, W. Va., and afterward locating in Pittsburgh, Penn., in the courthouse 
of which city he was a clerk. He was married to Elizabeth Mayne, a native of 
County Armagh, Ireland. Mr. Wilson bought, and moved upon a farm in Allegheny 
county, Penn., near Lock No. 3, and bought wool in addition to attending to his 
farming interests. He was the father of two daughters: Jane, and Eliza Ann, who 
was married to Moses B. Thompson. Moses B. and Eliza Ann Thompson began wedded 
life on the farm in Union township, Washington county, where the remainder of 
his life was passed, and his widow is yet living. He owned four farms, and also 
hotel property in the "Diamond" of Pittsburgh, which is yet undivided. In 
political opinion he was an ardent Republican, and was one of two in his 
township to vote the Abolition ticket. He died January 1, 1881.

This article was transcribed by Liz DuBois of Bremerton, WA in September 1998.

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